15k-word polish for pitching


You’ve finished your manuscript and are happy with the overall structure, so now you want to concentrate on its quality at sentence-level.

A full line- and copy-edit feels like a step too far because you’ve yet to secure representation. Polishing the first 15,000 words will increase your chances of getting an agent’s attention, as that’s what you will be sending with your cover letter and synopsis.

What I’ll do is correct and smooth your prose while respecting style and narrative voice.

What will this cost?

For up to 15,000 words (first three chapters) the cost is £200.

You will get a full copy-edit, style sheet and author notes suggesting improvements such as point of view slips, repetition, overwriting, inconsistency in character traits and appearance, use of tenses, suitability of the use of certain words and phrases, and spacing.

Alongside the edited text, style sheet and notes you will receive a short report where your strengths and weaknesses are and any potential issues with each chapter.  


Photo by Denise Jans, Unsplash UK

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