I work with both undergraduate and postgraduate students to help polish their dissertations, theses and essays. Academic work can be proofread but not edited as it must be the student’s own work.

When enquiring would you let me know:
The word count, which referencing system is used and any deadlines.
I will also request the university’s guidelines.
Proofreading is: Proofreading is not:
Working on the edited text in final layout. Working on a draft text.
Correcting any essential errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Changing your mind on spelling preferences.
Minor changes for sense, if required. Rephrasing to flow or sound better.
References and citations correctly formatted. Reordering or changing the structure or layout.
Tables and illustrations consecutively numbered and placed correctly. Adding new text or illustrations.
Style decisions applied. Accuracy of references and citations.
  Checking index page numbers.

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