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Don’t Be Late in the Morning

Written from original, unpublished letters and diaries, filling a void in British Great War fiction.


David Adcock, grows up in the Leicestershire village of Syston. Popular and respected by his friends, they later become his pals on The Western Front where, as a ‘fighting Leicester Tiger’, he experiences one of the most catastrophic and overlooked battles of the First World War.

His childhood sweetheart, Emily Jane Wade, is the only girl in a family of five children who is sent to live with a cruel aunt and uncle after her mother’s death. After the outbreak of war her role in society changes and scandal shrouds her relationship with David.

Don’t Be Late in the Morning is written from original, unpublished letters and diaries, filling a lacuna in British Great War fiction.

A couple of five-star reviews:

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 April 2020 by Biker Bird


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 March 2020 by Susan Robinson

Don’t Be Late in the Morning is published by Goldcrest Books (November 2019)

Copies can be bought from Amazon , the publisher or from here by email request.


Other publications include:

A Second Christmas Truce?: Christmas on the Western Front, 1915

The well-known Christmas Truce of 1914 is often considered a unique anomaly within the violence of The Great War. However, Christmas 1914 was not the only documented suspension of hostilities during the First World War and another cessation followed in December 1915, but is far less known. Is this second Truce fact, or fabrication?


The glossy Advent Calendar Recipe Book has a daily recipe with colour photographs, the nativity story, fun-facts about Christmas and reflections for Advent. This up-dated version has some new, colour photographs and extra recipes taking readers from ‘Stir-up Sunday’ through to Epiphany.

This affordable step-by-step guide will show prospective undergraduates how to easily complete their application to UK universities through UCAS. From starting with your name through to replying to offers from universities, it is straightforward and easy to use. It also includes a comprehensive section on how to write the perfect personal statement. Published 2018.

  • On Clouds of Words – A perpetual diary                                            41nlqnqykwl-_sx331_bo1204203200_

Each month has a beautiful photograph and seasonal poem creating an everlasting diary for remembering special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, pets’ inoculations, etc. plus a space for monthly notes. A superb gift.

Articles published in:

  • Stand To!, the journal of the Western Front Association.
  • The Tiger – the local Western Front Association Magazine.
  • Loughborough Archaeological and Historical Society’s Magazine.
  • The Racing Pigeon.
  • Your Cat.
  • Introductions to a number of cookery books published by Igloo Books.
  • I ghost-wrote a chapter in a biography about Harold Shipman, also published by Igloo.

Website content for:

You can see more at: Dr Karen Ette, Carbonmade

I also write two blogs.

The first is written from work and research done for my PhD, which I have continued adding a few other related topics too. The site is: WW1-Battlefields-and-Beyond.

The second covers a number of subjects from book reviews to recipes, with the odd saint’s day and reflective post thrown in. It’s called Fancy Pans Cafe as that’s where it all happens.

Writing with Rulers Wit, a number of my short stories appear in their seasonal anthologies.

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Other publications include:

  •  Heroism in the Abstract. (PhD thesis.)
  • An anthology of fact-based Great War stories along with their factual accounts. (In progress.)
  • The Green Man’s Dark Secret – A collaborative, mystery novel for Ruler’s Wit.
  • Short story anthologies: Spring Tales; Summer Tales; Autumn Tales; Winter Tales.
  • Leicestershire Remembrance linking the large, well-known memorials to smaller, more personal ones, in Leicestershire. (In progress.)
  • Answering Their Country’s Call, about a Midlands town and its Independent School from 1914 – 1919. (In progress.)
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