Editorial services and fees

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Photo by Caio Resende on Pexels.com


Most editing requests are carried out on-screen using ‘Track Changes’ in Microsoft Word. This is a good way for both editor and writer to see changes and recommendations. However, I can use the 2005 BSI symbols to proofread hard copy, if that is the preferred method.

I am happy to cover a wide range of subjects, both recreational and academic:

Fiction, all genres (literary, crime/mystery/thrillers, historical, romantic, science fiction/fantasy/horror, erotica, general, short stories); non-fiction (memoir, religious, biography, horticulture, cookery, general); academic (humanities – dissertations, theses, coursework); sport (cricket, cycling, general), website content, plays, manuals and reports.

Poetry, computer technology/software/hardware (internet, IT security, technical support) are considered on a case-by-case basis.